How it works

Provenance Proof Blockchain enables users to verify the authenticity and ownership of gem products by creating a digital twin that closely replicates the actual gem product. Users can establish a permanent, immutable record of a gem's provenance, history of ownership and transfer on the blockchain. Additionally, information such as the gem product's characteristics and properties can be included in the digital twin, utilising text, video, and PDFs to aid in accurately identifying the gem product that the digital twin represents.

How to create a parcel

How to receive a Jewellery as a consumer

How to transfer a Jewellery to consumer

How to create a Jewellery out of a stone

How to separate a parcel

How to add a new gem


Create a unique digital asset

A digital asset, which we like to call a “digital twin” can be created to mimic a gem or jewellery piece in the real world. Images, videos and documents can be added to the digital twin to help identify it.


Register ownership

Each digital twin will be assigned a unique digital identifier, known as “hash”, which is recorded on the blockchain. Digital twin owners can also add their own unique identifiers to help manage their inventory on our platform.


Transfer ownership

The digital twin can be transferred to the new owner whenever there is a change in ownership.


Verify Authenticity

Anyone can verify the authenticity of a digital asset by checking the blockchain records, which provide a complete history of the asset's provenance.

The Benefits

Things you can do with the Provenance Proof Blockchain

Blockchain technology is well-suited for traceability in the gems and jewellery industry due to its inherent characteristics of transparency, immutability and decentralisation.

Build Trust and pass on the Story

Boost product credibility by enabling buyers to make informed purchases and ensure your stories reach end consumers.

Asset Sharing

Enhance your marketability by sharing your product securely using a shareable link or QR code without transferring ownership to potential buyers.

Cutting Event

Allow buyers to witness the transformation of gems from rough to cut.

Less Paper Trail

Store all essential asset documents in one place.


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Statement of Provenance

Provides trust, authentication and value preservation by offering transparency, verifiability, and a documented history of a gem or jewellery piece. Marketability can also be enhanced through the creation of a QR code which gives anyone access directly to the provenance story of a gem.

Risk Management

Mitigate risks through a better understanding of the supply chain of a product.

Provide Proof for Claims

Add supporting proof for your provenance, compliance, and sustainability claims to inspire trust.

Mass Upload

Multiple gem assets or parcels can be uploaded easily and effectively through available CSV templates.

Unleash the full power of Transparency

To enable more trust and transparency within the gems and jewellery industry by providing verifiable provenance, traceability and authenticity.
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