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As technology advances, we constantly explore new digital tools to enhance transparency in our industry. Blockchain-based smart contracts and tokens offer automated and verifiable applications, aligning with our vision of industry support. We regularly showcase our latest technology integrations in our future initiatives and products.

Proof of Donations

Proof of Donations is a secure service that utilizes NFT technology to track and verify charitable contributions. It aims to promote trust in philanthropic projects in the gem and jewellery industry.

The service creates transparent records of donations and has Provenance Proof as a third-party auditor to ensure funds go to the intended causes. Donors can have confidence that their contributions are making a genuine impact.
Proof of Donation provides:
An efficient, transparent and credible service using leading technology.
Access to the fast-growing NFT community and thereby increased awareness of the charity cause.
Full transparency on the donations – in real time
Assurance that the total fund raised through the NFT is received.
Unique, covetable collectibles associated with a charity cause.
Philanthropic alignment through supporting charity programme.
NFT Series

Chipembele Crash

"The Chipembele Crash” is a series of six unique rhinoceros avatars made of photographed inclusions from the Chipembele (‘Rhino’) gemstone – a 7525-carat Gemfields emerald.

Each avatar is inspired by a real-life rhino from the North Luangwa Conservation Programme (NLCP) in Zambia, interpreting its unique personality and carrying its unique ear-notch.

Your rhino avatar unlocks an exclusive photo of its real-life counterpart in Zambia and the funds raised from your purchase will go to the North Luangwa Conservation Programme to aid critical black rhinoceros conservation efforts.

rhinos from an nft release

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