Physical Tracers

Discover our Physical Tracers, the ultimate solution for identifying gems and jewellery. Our nanolabels offer custom features like mine origin, mining period, and manufacturing country. Apply them at any production stage, from raw stones to finished pieces.

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Safeguard your Reputation and build Trust

Our technology provides the ultimate protection from counterfeiting and fraudulent claims of origin, so you can safeguard your brand reputation and build customer trust. Whether you're a jewellery designer, collector, or retailer, our Physical Tracers are the perfect solution to keep your gems and jewellery protected.

With gems and jewellery sales thriving in the digital landscape more than ever in the past. There is an increasing risk of counterfeiting and false claims of product origin. This is where Physical Tracers come in to safeguard your brand and build customer confidence by providing traceable provenances for your products. With Physical Tracers, you can rest assured knowing that your gems and jewellery are protected from any unauthorized replicas or imitations, and your customers can have the assurance that they are getting the real deal.

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How can you benefit from a Transparency-based Economy in the Gem and Jewellery Industry?

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Mining Companies and Cooperatives

Mining companies and cooperatives, small and big, are key to achieving a new level of transparency. They unearth the rough crystals and start the journey of the gems. And it is ideal to kick off Physical Tracers with them to enable traceability in gemstones.

Industry Organisations & NGOs

Industry and trade associations, civil society organisations, NGOs and other outfits overseeing the gems and jewellery industry can directly or indirectly use this technology to facilitate and check the industry's implementation of policies and standards.


Governmental bodies can use the technology to promote and monitor their domestic production, control exports and support the marketing and branding of their country's gems by distinguishing them from gems of other countries.

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Jewellery Brands

Jewellery manufacturers can show consumers their commitment to manufacturing transparent products by proving that the gemstones they use in their jewellery are traceable. They can apply these Physical Tracers as proof against counterfeit products.

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Jewellery retailers have a new way of telling a verifiable and more complete story of the jewellery they sell. The client can verify the provenance claim made by the retailer, which connects the consumer more deeply and intimately to the product, fostering trust and loyalty.

End Consumers

End consumers can fully trust the claims made by jewellery brands, knowing that the provenance of a gemstone is now verifiable through physical tracing. In addition to that, verifiable traceability also renders the gem retains its resale value.

Unleash the full power of Transparency

To enable more trust and transparency within the gems and jewellery industry by providing verifiable provenance, traceability and authenticity.
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