Code of Conduct

For users of the Provenance Proof Blockchain

1. Preamble

Provenance Proof is a company, comprising different technologies and solutions with the aim to bring transparency into the gems and jewellery industry.

This Code of Conduct complements the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, whose recognition and compliance are prerequisites for accessing the Provenance Proof Blockchain platform.

The Authorised User signifies its pledge and bond to maintain high standards and principles of integrity and honesty in its business activities and comply with this entirety of this Code of Conduct that includes the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

2. Introduction

The Provenance Proof Blockchain is a digital ledger technology offering the recording, tracking and presentation of supply chain information along the value chain of a gem. This platform aims to provide the participants - specifically the end consumer - in the value chain of a specific gem with chain-of-custody information.

By its nature as a shared ledger, the Provenance Proof Blockchain gathers data contributed by the different Stakeholders involved in a gem along its supply chain. The right to enter and see data is permission-based, meaning that the visibility into the data of a specific stone is not public, but restricted to the Stakeholder while the stone is in his / her possession or custody. Data entered in the blockchain is secured, verified for integrity and considered tamperproof.

However, blockchain technology does not test the trueness and authenticity of the data. The usefulness and trustworthiness of the Provenance Proof Blockchain depend on the correctness of the entered data, respecting the procedures and processes related to it.

Therefore, any Authorised User adding or seeing data shall maintain high standards and principles of integrity and honesty in its business activities. This includes, but is not limited to, complying with this Code of Conduct, the Terms of Use, and all local and national laws applicable to an Authorised User or its business. Any Authorised User of the Provenance Proof Blockchain acknowledges and agrees that its compliance with this Code of Conduct and the Terms of Use is necessary for fulfilling its purpose of traceability of a gem along the supply chain.

3. Guidelines


As used herein, the term "Authorised User" means any entity, company, cooperation, association, or individual, that makes use of the Provenance Proof Blockchain in any way and at any stage. Anyone who has successfully completed the registration process, including the acceptance of the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Code of Conduct, is considered an Authorised User. Authorised Users can become Stakeholders in a gem's blockchain, i.e. they can initiate new blockchains and participate in existing blockchains. It is important to understand that any visibility into the blockchain information of a specific gem is restricted to the Stakeholders of that specific gem.


The Authorised User shall give information about the gem(s) that is correct, authentic and potentially interesting or relevant for the downstream supply chain, specifically for the end consumer. In addition to the structured information requested by the Provenance Proof Blockchain, the Authorised User shall provide additional data such as information about the context, provenance and history of the gem, documentation about individuals and companies associated with the gem. In addition, Authorised User is encouraged to mention and include evidence of possible audits, certifications, lab reports, affiliations, memberships, and other information that adds to the completeness of a gem's story.


Data entered into the Provenance Proof Blockchain is stored irrevocably and for an unlimited duration of time in the distributed ledger of the Provenance Proof Blockchain. All entries contain a timestamp that allows to trace back the date and time of the data entrance, as well as the identity of the contributor.


Due to the nature of blockchain, data entered in the blockchain cannot be altered, deleted or changed in any other way. Therefore, even when specific blockchain data is found to be faulty, misleading, fraudulent, deceptive or illegal, it cannot be removed from the blockchain.


With respect to the principle of Know-Your-Counterparty practices, the registration process comprises a background check. Anyone applying to register on the Provenance Proof Blockchain accepts that he/she is subject to this background check. In addition to the individual application, the background check might extend to other individuals related to the businesses or network of the applicant. Depending on the result of this background check, registration and hence access to the Provenance Proof Blockchain might get refused.


Data submitted by the Authorised User for the registration to the Provenance Proof Blockchain is stored separately from the blockchain information. For example, Registration data is not part of the data related to a specific blockchain.


It is the duty of each Authorised User to use and apply the Provenance Proof Blockchain and the related data honestly and avoid any practice, which could result in wrong, incomplete or misleading data, information or conclusion. The Authorised User shall refrain from getting into possession, store, analyse, use, or in any other way tamper with the Provenance Proof Blockchain technology that goes beyond the intended use.


The Authorised User shall ensure that gems that are entered in the Provenance Proof Blockchain are presented to all third parties as such, i.e. proactively communicating the fact that the gem's chain of custody is recorded on this platform. Furthermore, whenever selling a gem to the next stakeholder, the Authorised User shall forward the respective hash to the blockchain for this specific gem to the new Stakeholder.


In case of any concerns about the wrong or fraudulent use of the Provenance Proof Blockchain within the Authorised User's organisation or network, Provenance Proof must be informed immediately (


Each Authorised User shall at all times comply with all local and national laws applicable to the member or its business. Furthermore, each Authorised User shall exercise reasonable due diligence to acquaint itself with all applicable laws, including any law, rule or regulation or any order, writ, injunction or decree of any governmental agency or authority having jurisdiction of the Authorised User or its business.


The Authorised User shall refrain from any misrepresentation, omission and inappropriate alteration of information about a gem in the Provenance Proof Blockchain. Specifically, the Authorised User shall not misrepresent, omit or alter the identity, authenticity, treatment, or origin of a gem.


Related to gems that are entered in the Provenance Proof Blockchain, or contain or use another Provenance Proof technology, Authorised Users have the right to use the Provenance Proof logo and Provenance Proof name in its advertising, sales documents and literature. However, Authorised Users must not use the Provenance Proof label concerning gems that do not contain or use any Provenance Proof technology.
An Authorised User's use of the Provenance Proof logo must be limited in size or design, not to imply that the advertising or the specific document was published by Provenance Proof.


The Authorised User accepts that its name, identity, and further details related to the use of the Provenance Proof Blockchain, are stated and made public on the Provenance Proof website. This site discloses the Authorised User's identity and its property of being an Authorised User of Provenance Proof technologies, and further disclosing the Authorised User as using one of the Provenance Proof technologies on all or some of its gems.


The Authorised User accepts that any violation of the Code of Conduct will be disclosed on the Provenance Proof website and actively communicated to other Authorised Users, the industry and the public. In addition, violation of the Code of Conduct or the Terms of Use forfeits the Authorised User's right to use the Provenance Proof logo and Provenance Proof name related to gems containing or using a Provenance Proof technology.


Each Authorised User shall define or select some basic ethical, social and environmental standards for all its operations, practices and processes that directly or indirectly relate to Provenance Proof technology or its processes. Each Authorised User shall control and monitor its compliance with these standards, keep track of possible violations and apply corrective actions whenever needed.
To the best of their ability, Authorised User shall determine that its activities are undertaken in a responsible manner with a concern for protecting and restoring the environment, not involving any child labour or forced labour, and with efforts to protect the health of all workers. Further, the Authorised User shall determine that its gems are mined or sourced legally, not associated with smuggling or supporting illegal activities.
Membership and participation in established and internationally acknowledged organisations and certification schemes that pursue ethical, social and environmental practices are encouraged.


The Authorised User shall comply with additional instructions and guidelines issued by the Provenance Proof AG in relation to the use of Provenance Proof technologies.

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