Comprehensive Information

Emerald Paternity Test

Our Physical Tracers enable you to submit your gem item for a paternity test at an authorized laboratory. This test will provide you with comprehensive information about the origins of your emeralds, all thanks to our Physical Tracers.


About the Technology

Despite their small size, these nanoparticles pack a powerful punch when it comes to identification and tracking. They're completely invisible, even under the most powerful optical microscope, and they don't induce any optical effects on the gemstones they're applied to. This makes them the ideal solution for those looking to tag and track their precious gemstones without affecting their appearance or value. With our innovative DNA-based nanoparticles, you can enjoy unparalleled peace of mind knowing that your gemstones are protected, traceable, and easy to authenticate. To learn more about this game-changing technology and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with us today.

Discover the unique origin of your emerald with our revolutionary technology. We use advanced DNA encryption to store vital information about the mining location, miner, and mining time. This encrypted data is then encapsulated in a durable sphere of amorphous silica, ensuring it remains protected from external elements such as sunlight, temperature, and humidity. To transfer this information onto rough crystals and gems, we use carrier liquid that contains nanoparticles. These particles are able to penetrate even the smallest of fissures and adhere tightly to the walls of the gemstones. Later on, the nanoparticles can be retrieved, and the information in the DNA can be decoded and read, revealing the emerald's paternity.

The Process

How does it work?

Step 1

The tagging process often takes place at the mine. The rough crystals are tagged with the nanoparticles before any cleaning or sorting is undertaken. The tagging of the Physical Tracers is carried out by an independent auditor.

Step 2

At the mine, we begin our unique tagging process by applying specialized nanoparticles to rough crystals before any cleaning or sorting takes place. To ensure complete impartiality, the Physical Tracers are always applied by an independent auditor.

Step 3

Our nanoparticles penetrate the fissures of the emerald and adhere precisely to its surface, leaving a crystal-clear and permanent mark. And with our ethanol-based liquid evaporating in just minutes, the tagging process is already complete, providing complete transparency and traceability.

Step 4

Our provenance testing has shown that our DNA tags remain intact during cutting, polishing, and even re-oiling processes, allowing us to determine their origin at a later date.

Step 5

When you purchase a piece of our jewellery in a retail shop, the Provenance Proof label and Emerald Paternity Test inspire trust and bring confidence to our consumers. And, if needed, we can submit the stone to an authorized lab for a paternity test, giving our clients complete transparency about where their emerald was unearthed.

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