Verification Process

How to verify a Stone

Our Physical Tracers enable you to submit your gem item for a paternity test at an authorized laboratory. This test will provide you with comprehensive information about the origins of your precious item, all thanks to the advanced technology of our Physical Tracers.

Submission of the gem item

a gem hovering over a box

The gem item can be submitted to Provenance Proof or any Gübelin Gem Lab in Lucerne, Hong Kong or New York to perform a paternity test.


a chemical item

The Physical Tracers are retrieved from the gem using a proprietary buffer solution.


a microscope

The retrieved DNA fragments are analysed using quantitative PCR (qPCR), a standard method applied for reading DNA.


a laptop which decodes something

The analysed DNA is then decoded to reveal the information stored within these DNA, such as the identity of the stakeholder who applied these Physical Tracers, the mining location, the mining period, etc. Provenance Proof is the custodian of the information encrypted into the DNA and the sole party in charge of decoding this information.


a certificate

A Certificate of Provenance will be issued to a gem item that went through a complete paternity test.

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