December 2021

December 2021

Gemfields launches a series of NFTs to celebrate large emerald find, highlight transparency and traceability via Proof of Donation, and give back to charity.

To celebrate this week’s sale of Chipembele, Gemfields’ largest high-quality emerald to date, the company has once again partnered up with Gübelin’s Provenance Proof leading the path of innovation to raise funds for conservation whilst enhancing transparency and trust in charitable donations through Proof of Donation initiative.

Proof of Donation

With a track record in providing transparency and trust through technology within the gems and jewellery sector, Provenance Proof is now launching Proof of Donation, a new service designed to securely track and trace donations to enhance trust in philanthropic projects by applying cutting-edge technology.

Provenance Proof is combining its reputation of providing third-party confirmed transparency within the industry with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on a public blockchain to enable handling all transactions in a transparent and trusted manner on behalf of the initiator.

The Chipembele Crash
The Gemfields NFT series, called “the Chipembele Crash”, comprises six unique rhinoceros avatars (a “crash” of rhinos being the collective term for a group of rhinos), which feature inclusions photographed inside the Chipembele gemstone. Each avatar has been inspired by a real-life rhino at the North Luangwa Conservation Programme (NLCP) in Zambia and carries the individual ear-notch of the animal, as well as accessories that give a glimpse into its distinctive personality. An exclusive photo of each rhino is provided as unlockable content to the NFT.

Members of the Chipembele Crash: Intanda, Mwamba, Tamala, Mapalo, Subilo and Kango.

The Chipembele Crash, minted by Provenance Proof, will be sold via auction on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, with viewing available from 8 December, auction opening on 13 December and bids closing 19 December. Funds raised from the sale of each member from The Chipembele Crash will go to the North Luangwa Conservation Programme to aid critical black rhinoceros conservation efforts, which will add to the donation Gemfields has already pledged from the sale of the Chipembele emerald.

Donations and charity programmes supporting the people and environment can make a huge difference and create positive impacts. To make sure transactions are transparent and independent, a trustworthy third party should take care of the handling, enabling a maximum impact. Provenance Proof is pioneering in providing transparency in the gems and jewellery industry. Klemens Link, Head of Provenance Proof, explains: “With Proof of Donation, all parties benefit as it will give confidence that donations will be transferred without any loss in value and buyers can benefit from the added values of the NFTs. Gemfields, always open for new technologies, is a perfect partner to pioneer this exciting journey into fully transparent and trackable donations.”

Further information about Chipembele the emerald:
Weighing 7,525 carats (1,505g), Chipembele – which means ‘rhino’ in the local indigenous dialect of Bemba was discovered at Kagem emerald mine in Zambia this July and has just gone under the hammer at Gemfields most recent emerald auction with winning bids announced on 7 December.

The winning bidder for Chipembele will be given the option of a unique DNA nano-tag identity, developed by Provenance Proof, ensuring that the cut and polished gems that it yields can be identified and certified as having originated from this extraordinary gemstone. The winner will also receive one of the Chipembele Crash NFTs, which will be purchased on their behalf by Gemfields.

Proof of Donation provides:

  • An efficient, transparent and credible service using leading technology
  • Access to a fast-growing NFT community and thereby increased awareness of a cause
  • Full transparency on the donations – in real time
  • Assurance that the total fund raised through the NFT is received
  • Confidence that donations will be transferred without any loss in value and can benefit from the added values of the NFT
  • Unique, covetable collectibles associated with a charity cause
  • Philanthropic alignment through supporting charity programmes

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