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Discover the first marketplace that offers gems and jewellery with full transparency.

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In parallel to the greater demand of end consumers and jewellery brands committed to sustainability for specific information on how the raw gem materials leading to finished pieces of jewellery are sourced and manufactured, transparently traded gems are increasingly growing in demand. The search for the right gem to complete a jewellery piece has proven challenging from time to time, let alone the search for transparently traded or responsibly sourced gems. To make access to traceable gems easier and more convenient, Provenance Proof has launched a digital marketplace to offer its blockchain users the opportunity to connect directly with each other to offer or search for matching transparently traded gems.

Both sellers and buyers can benefit significantly from Provenance Proof Marketplace. For example, jewellers can conveniently search for transparent traded gemstones or pearls and directly contact the seller on our platform at their fingertips. On the other hand, the marketplace offers traders in the gem industry to expand their market reach globally by simply listing gems from their Provenance Proof inventory on the Marketplace. Meanwhile, prospective buyers can easily search for matching gems through search filters to facilitate their hunt for the perfect transparently traded gem.

Introducing Provenance Proof Blockchain Subscriptions

As of the beginning of 2023, we will introduce a subscription model to help sustain the growth of Provenance Proof Blockchain. We are keeping our promise and are happy to assure you that all the features essential to enabling more transparency will stay for free. While additional features providing additional value for your business will be accessible through subscribing to the Premium Package.

In the meantime, all our existing and new users can try out all the features listed in the Premium Package free of charge with no restrictions until the subscription model is in place.

Please refer to the comparison table below to learn about the difference between the upcoming packages that will be introduced soon. And we are happy to receive any feedback from you.

For more information regarding the subscription model, please get in touch with us at

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Premium Plus

Price (Per Month)
$ 0
$49/mth or $490/yr
$199/mth or $1990/yr
Data Uploads
Asset Transfers (B2B)
Retail Transfers (B2C)
Up to 10
Asset Shareable Link (Public link)
Statement of Provenance
Customisation and Branding
Retail Marketing Kits
Marketplace Viewing
Marketplace Listing
Up to 20
Marketplace Contact for inquiry to buy an asset
Multiple User Roles for the same account
Sustainability tracking for GHG and ESG
Ability to request for NFT
API compatible
eCommerce Features
Confirmed Accounts
Support Levels
Help Desk
Account Manager
Account Manager

premium plus

/ mo
or $ 1990 Per Year
  • Unlimited Data Uploads
  • Unlimited B2B Asset Transfer
  • Unlimited B2C Transfers p/m
  • Public Sharing Link
  • Access to Marketplace Viewing
  • Unlimited Marketplace Listings p/m
  • Retailer Marketing Kit
  • Customised Site Branding
  • Marketplace Contact Inquiry
  • Multiple User Roles Access
  • Sustainability tracking for GHG and ESG
  • Ability to request for NFT
  • API
  • eCommerce Features
  • Confirmed Accounts
  • Account Manager Support
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