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To enable more trust and transparency within the gems and jewellery industry by providing verifiable provenance, traceability and authenticity.

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Invisible DNA-based physical tracers are the ultimate unique identifiers, ensuring traceability, authentication, and product verification.
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Make confident and informed gem purchases with transparent and immutable provenance records powered by Provenance Proof Blockchain.
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Gain access to a wider customer base and potential buyers who prioritise transparency and traceability.
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"The Provenance Proof initiative is a user friendly and very interesting platform, where the traceability of the stones can be graphically and in detail documented, allowing to show thewhole process of the stones from the mine to the end customer. In this way, providing the client with more transparency and confidence when buying an emerald and guarantee that the stones are extracted in a sustainable way and that they are free of conflict."

Gem Factor Emeralds

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"Gemfields is pleased to have partnered with Provenance Proof to pioneer new levels of transparency within the coloured gemstone sector. Together, we launched the use of nanoparticles in our higher quality emeralds, allowing – for the first time - the mine of origin to be determined for decades to come, and in late 2019, we introduced Provenance Proof Blockchain technology across our ruby and emerald production.As the industry rightly shifts away from ‘country-of-origin’ to a ‘mine-of-origin’ model, methodology such as Provenance Proof will ultimately improve and strengthen the evolution of the sector."

Adrian Banks, Managing Director - Product & Sales - Gemfields

"The increased transparency recorded in a blockchain will especially help us jewellers build more trust with end customers and ultimately positively influence the entire supply chain for ethical handling of our precious products.

The Provenance Proof Blockchain provides added value in our daily conversations with customers - storytelling. The unique stories behind the gemstones and jewellery pieces can thus be presented in a transparent and authentic manner."

Kobler Goldschmied & Uhrmacher

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“Provenance Proof Blockchain has the potential to revolutionise trade by providing a secure and transparent way to track transactions. The platform's openness promotes collaboration and innovation, making it a valuable tool for future applications. By improving transparency and trust in thegem and jewellery trade, all stakeholders stand to benefit.”


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"Our mission is built on the pillar of traceability. And Provenance Proof is a key strategic tool for Fura to elevate best practices and serves the entire supply chain, promoting transparency and traceability."

Fura Gems

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"Transparency creates knowledge about the origin, possible treatments and general conditions of gemstone mining. This knowledge creates trust. Trust creates an incentive and is important when buying gemstones and jewelry.”


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Transparency within the Gem and Jewellery Industry

The gem and jewellery industry lacks transparency and traceability. Today's buyers demand greater transparency regarding the origin and ethical practices involved in gemstone sourcing. However, the sourcing of coloured gemstones remains opaque with limited verification.

To address these issues and instill customer confidence, our goal is to empower all industry stakeholders with advanced tracing technologies using synthetic DNA and blockchain. Our innovative solutions will bring transparency to the industry and enable informed consumer decisions when purchasing gemstones.

Fragmented Supply Chain

The supply chain for gemstones and jewellery is typically very complex and involves multiple intermediaries, from miners and traders to cutters, polishers, and wholesalers. This complexity makes it difficult to trace the origin and authenticity of gemstones and jewellery, which in turn makes it easier for unscrupulous actors to introduce counterfeit or conflict gems into the supply chain.

Lack of Regulation

The gem and jewellery industry is largely unregulated in many parts of the world, which means that there are few requirements for transparency and traceability. This lack of regulation makes it easier for bad actors to operate without fear of repercussions, and it also means that there are few incentives for businesses to adopt more transparent practices.

Secretive Culture

The gem and jewellery industry has historically been a very secretive and closed-off industry, with little sharing of information or collaboration between businesses. This culture of secrecy has made it difficult for businesses to collaborate on transparency initiatives or share information about their supply chains.

How can you benefit from a Transparency-based Economy in the Gem and Jewellery Industry?

Trust and confidence

Transparency builds trust and confidence among stakeholders, including customers, retailers, and investors.

Authenticity Assurance

By providing clear documentation and verifiable information about the origin and characteristics of each piece, stakeholders can authenticate the products and mitigate the risk of counterfeit or fraudulent items entering the market.

Market Differentiation

By providing detailed information about their gem products' sourcing, manufacturing and certification, stakeholders can stand out as trustworthy and responsible businesses, converting their transparency claims into sales.

Consumer Empowerment

Transparent practices can empower consumers by providing them with accurate and comprehensive information and help them in making informed choices that align with their values.

Trust and confidence

When end consumers have access to transparent information about the products they buy, they can trust the claims made by businesses and feel more confident in their purchases.

Empowerment and Choices

End consumers can actively support businesses that prioritize transparency, ethical practices, and sustainable development, aligning their purchases with their values and contributing to positive change in the industry.

Quality Assurance

Access to information about grading standards, industry stakeholders involved in the supply chain gemstone properties, and craftsmanship, enabling them to assess the value and quality of the products before making a purchase.

Additional Product Information and Education

With access to additional information about the gem products they purchase, including the cutting process, treatments or enhancements applied to the gems. The end consumer can make educated decisions based on their preferences and understanding of the products.


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November 1, 2022

Discover the first Marketplace that offers Gems and Jewellery with full Transparency

A new milestone for traceable gems - Provenance Proof Marketplace makes access to transparently traded gems easier and more convenient.
December 1, 2021

Proof of Donation: Providing more Transparency in Charities through NFTs

Gemfields launches a series of NFTs to celebrate large emerald find, highlight transparency and traceability via Proof of Donation, and give back to charity.
April 1, 2020

Git’s Representative to be sitting on Provenance Proof Advisory Board

The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) will participate at the Provenance Proof Advisory Board. With the GIT, we are welcoming a highly respected authority.

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