Git’s Representative to be sitting on Provenance Proof Advisory Board

Following up on the workshop on “A New Facet of Jewelry Business: Coloured Gemstones Blockchain Traceability” hosted by the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT), together with the Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd. on February 27, 2020. The workshop has successfully engaged stakeholders in the Thai gemstone and jewelry industry and a large number of interested entrepreneurs attended. The event featured a walk-through session for users to adopt the Provenance Proof Blockchain traceability system, presented by Mr. Klemens Link, Head of Development at Provenance Proof and the Gübelin Gem Lab, both companies are part of the House of Gübelin. Provenance Proof, an initiative from the House of Gübelin, creates services and technologies enabling and promoting more transparency to the entire gem and jewelry industry. The Provenance Proof Blockchain is one of these innovative technologies. The first blockchain for colored gemstones is a digital, tamper-proof logbook tracking the relevant data along the supply chain, from one owner to the next. It is open to any stakeholder of the gemstone and jewelry community who is ready to embrace transparency, and free of charge as costs are born by the Gübelin family.

The workshop is carried out under the project study entitled “Study on Tracking andTraceability Framework for Coloured Gemstones” by the Bolliger & Company (Thailand) Ltd., one of the leading consulting companies in Thailand, owned by Dr. Rachda Chiasakul, CEO. The main objective is to develop the gem and jewelry industry for its supreme operability in the global market.

“This collaboration is an important stepping stone for Thai gem and jewelry industry as it will allow us to be in the frontline of technological disruption and have the concerns of Thai gem and jewelry industry adequately represented in the further development of Provenance Proof platform.” Dr. Rachda Chiasakul revealed.

The successful workshop paved the way to further cooperation between the GIT and Provenance Proof.

“We are happy to announce that GIT will participate at the Provenance Proof Advisory Board. With the GIT, we are welcoming a highly respected authority of the gem and jewelry industry to support, advice and supervise Provenance Proof's mission,” stated Raphael Gübelin, President of the House of Gübelin. During the user's walk-through session, Klemens Link explained “GIT's commitment will help to lift up the operability and transparency of Thai gem and jewelry players in the global market.”

Mrs. Duangkamol Jiambutr, GIT Director revealed “The GIT is proud to be partnering with Provenance Proof, and we are ready to assist Thai entrepreneurs in utilizing the system.”

Serving with an independent blockchain system for the global gemstone and jewelry sector, Provenance Proof Blockchain will be supervised by the multi-stakeholder advisory board with a member of GIT to ensure effective development and maintenance.


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